Pet Cremation and Memorial Center 

Who We Are


We are Majestic Pet Cremation Services, a division of Oliver-Floyd Funeral Home. We are Greenville’s only provider of pet cremation and memorialization products and services.

As licensed funeral directors, we have the knowledge and experience required to assist those who have experienced a loss, either human or pet. We understand the profound connections pet owners have with their pet, as we do with any member of our family. That is why we felt the need to extend our services to our furry companions by offering Pet Cremation and Memorial Services to our friends, neighbors and community.

What We Offer 

·      Quality, affordability and compassion to those who have lost a dear friend and family member.

·      All-Inclusive packages so families can easily see what best suites their personal and financial needs.

·      24 hour services. Since we are a funeral home, there is always someone available to assist a family or care for         beloved pet.

·      Family owned and operated

·      We guarantee satisfaction or we will make it right, whatever it takes. 

To visit and view our memorial products catalog please click HERE

Devotion Package

0-30lbs          31-70lbs          71-110lbs
$299              $335                 $375

This Package is a fitting tribute for a beloved pet which includes your choice of three wooden urns; oak, maple or walnut and nameplate. This package also includes our exclusive 3-D Heavenly Paw Print made from a mold of your pet's actual paw.

Classic Package

0-30lbs          31-70lbs          71-110lbs
$155              $185                $225

This package is simplistic yet elegant. Included in this package is a Hardwood urn and engraved nameplate and a Clay Paw print.

Custom Package

0-30lbs                   31-70lbs                   71-110lbs
$155 + Urn             $185 + Urn               $225 + Urn

This Package is designed for those pet owners who want something special and unique.  Pet owners can choose an urn that best represents their style or wishes by selecting a custom urn from our catalog.

·         Add a Clay Paw Print - $15

                                                                          To visit and view our memorial products catalog please click HERE